We have a wide range of memberships available at Riverside, including single, couple, family, long distance, junior, and college. If you aren’t a golfer but would like to participate in the events at Riverside, we have a social membership that will allow you to dine at Riverside and take place in all of the Riverside sponsored events.

Membership Dues (Tax not included):

Family Membership - $900
Couple Membership - $860
Single Membership - $675
Long Distance Membership (50+ miles) - $200
Family Membership (Under 31) - $725
Couple Membership (Under 31) - $685

Single Membership (Under 31) - $540

Student Membership (7-23 years old) - $155
Social Membership - $210

Stock Certificate $200.00

New Membership Rates (Tax not included):
The 1st year membership has a 50% discount, the 2nd year membership adds $150 to the total cost. To be eligable for a promotional rate, the applicant has not been a member at RTCC in the past 2 years.

Family New Membership $450 First Year and $605 Second Year
Couple New Membership $425 First Year and $580 Second Year
Single New Membership $340 First Year and $495 Second Year

Family New Membership (Under 31)$360 1st Year and $515 2nd Year
Couple New Membership (Under 31) $345 1st Year and $500 2nd Year
Single New Membership (Under 31) $270 1st Year and $425 2nd Year

The 1st and 2nd year promotional rate discount only applies to the membership fee and not the entire cost of memebership. This promotional rate requires at least 1/2 of the $200 cost of a share of stock to be purchased in the first year, you may choose to pay for all of the stock the first year.

Payment schedule is as follows: 50% of membership is due by March 1st with the remainder due by June 1st. Early 100% payment will be appreciated. If membership is not paid in full by June 1st, arranagements must be made with RTCC for further golf privileges.